Chris kiss


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My Name is Chris, but most people call me Kiss, it’s my last name :). I have lived in London most of my

life and know a lot of people in this great community. I am a father of 2, I have a 5-year-old son and 1-

year-old daughter. Life gets pretty crazy sometimes, and I couldn’t keep it all together without my

wonderful wife by my side.

I like to tinker with things; whether it’s electronics or cars, I have always had a curiosity to fix or modify

something. One of the best parts of fatherhood is watching my children take an interest in the things I

enjoy. If I am not at the park, arcade, or a DCL event with my son, you can usually find us at the drag

strip; look for us at the burn out box, my son loves to get up close.

I Joined Dad club a few years ago; a friend recommended it as a place to connect with other fathers who

were all going through the same successes and challenges with their children. I wasn’t very active when I

first joined, I kind of hung back and only posted from time to time on the Facebook group. Last year all

of that changed when I joined the DCL weight loss challenge. First, it was the kick in the butt I needed to

focus on my health. I did very well; I finished in second place, and only lost by small percentage, but a

slimmer healthier me was reward enough. But just as importantly, the weight loss challenge allowed me

to meet a lot of the other members and experience the full level of support this group had to offer in its

entirety. I would not have been successful in the challenge without that support.

After that I dove in headfirst and gave everything I could back to this club. I began to attend more

events with my son where we met a lot of great friends. By participating in these events. I was able to

give back to our great community while teaching my son what it means to give back. I’m looking

forward to bringing my daughter along now that she is getting older and giving back as a family.

I hope to see you out at an event sometime soon, or the race track!!