derek tang

VP of Finance

Derek Tang with his children and Superdad Cake

Welcome to Dad Club London!

I am a father that’s trying to keep up with my energetic son Jack alongside with my wife Laura.

We live in Westmount and love spending time at the local playgroups, Springbank Park and Children’s Museum. We are both longtime residents of London and Western Alumni.

By day I am an accredited Financial Planner with TD and I am always looking for opportunities to contribute to the community. Dad Club is a great way for myself and fellow dads to reach out and share ideas and challenges that we face.


I was born in Hong Kong and came to Canada at the age of 4. I can appreciate some of the challenges newcomers to Canada are facing and would love to help those adjust to life here.

I look forward to meeting more dads in the future in this crazy journey of fatherhood!