Eli Roberts


Hey gang! My name is Eli Roberts and I am an extremely grateful father of a 4 year old girl and lucky husband to my wonderful wife. We currently reside in the Stoney Creek Neighbourhood and love spending our time exploring other areas of the city.


Before living in London, I grew up in the small community of Sparta where everyone knew each other and worked together. London may be a large city but through Dad Club London I see those same ideals in communities here as well.


I am elated to be a Director and Member of Dad Club London. My wife and I moved to Kitchener for a few years for school and work but when our daughter was born we knew we wanted to raise her in London and made it happen. Sadly many of my family and friends had since left the city but DCL has filled that void and created a great community of engaging active parents that has enriched my family’s lives.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope to meet you at one of our many events!

Dad Club London



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