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An important announcement

2023 marks the 10 years of Dad Club London, and is coming with a big change.....

Pictured: Mark Burke and Jeremy McCall in July 2013

December 29, 2022

Founded in 2013; with the purpose of creating opportunities for dads to bond and support one another while experiencing everything London has to offer along with their children; Dad Club London has created a new standard for what it means to be a father figure and community member in Southwestern Ontario.

Jeremy McCall and Mark Burke came together to begin a club for dads, with the mission of creating networks and positive change for those who participated. Mark left the province shortly after co-founding the idea of Dad Club London in 2013, and Jeremy continued to grow and evolve and bring in others to assist in creating tremendous social and personal good in the areas of parenting, fatherhood, partnership, fundraising, education, community building, and citizenship.

Since 2013, Dad Club London has welcomed over 1,600 members who have attended 494 events, for a total of 1,097 hours of programming, which has seen the participation of 7,044 adults and 3,873 children.