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“Life is a series of choices.”

I’ve heard this little mantra thousands of times since I was a kid, first from my grandfather, and then from my parents. And it rings just as true today as I’m sure it did when my grandfather first heard it. Every action we take in life is a direct result of a choice we make, and we make thousands of them every day, rarely stopping to think of the potential impact that one choice did or could make on our lives. I mean, we’ve all been a victim to circumstance at some point in our lives, and how you deal with unexpected outcomes helps shape who you are.

Many doors indicating choice
Each choice we make impacts our lives and the lives of those around us

When I was younger, I made decisions all the time without ever thinking about the outcome. It didn’t matter to me if I got hurt, I’d heal; if I lost some money, no matter, I’d make more; if I struck out with a girl at the bar, there was always her friends… Little did I realize that those choices were shaping the man I would become, and that little mantra would end up meaning so much to me.

I’ve had conversations with people about the past and it always seems like the question “If you could go back and do it again differently, would you?” comes up. I’ve thought long and hard about it, and while I would love to have had some of the decisions I made back, or the outcomes to have been different, I wouldn’t change them. It was those choices that brought me to where I am now, back to London, to the job I have, to the woman I married, to my 2 beautiful girls. If I’d changed any of those decisions, who knows what the ripple effect could have been to the life I’m living?

Life is a series of choices, they help shape us, and can benefit us or have consequences, but they are our choices to make. So let’s be a bit more mindful and make good choices out there!

Nick Teall, DCL Director

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