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Teddy Bear Toss 2018

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Boqvist with the puck on his back hand.. he shoots...  HE SCORES!

And no anticipation can prepare you for what came next - BAM! The sky at Budweiser Gardens started to rain 8,763 teddy bears!

Rewind to just 3 hours before that magical bear shower... over 25 amazing Dad Club London volunteers showed up and we all prepared for the show. Our handsome crew of legendary gentlemen greeted fans, handed out bags to put bears in, and some of us even did a little dance!

A new record was set that day - we were the fastest bear-picker-upper crew ever to grace the ice of Budweiser Gardens. After this incredible feat, our boys loaded the bears on to some powerful trucks and brought them over to the airport hanger to dry out. Our crew of DCL volunteers spent 5 hours of their Sunday afternoon making the magic happen.

I would like to personally thank all the gentlemen who came out and to brighten the day for many kids. The teddy bears help support the hamper program that’s run by the Salvation Army. When I was 9, I remember getting a bear from this program... and, believe it or not, I still have the bear to this day!  

One little positive impact can change a person's life forever. Take a moment to read the letter we got from the Salvation Army (below) and thanks again to everyone who came out!

DCL Teddy Bear Toss Volunteers

You’re the real MVPs!

DCL Director

Super Sav

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