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Annual Hall of fame inductees

Each year, Dad Club London inducts a local dad into it's London Dad Hall of Fame.

The winner is announced at our year-end party.

A big CONGRATS goes out to our annual winners!

2019 recipient

John Davidson

John Davidson

  • John was nominated and voted unanimously for 2019

  • He walked across Ontario pushing his son Jesse’s wheelchair, and across Canada alone in support of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

  • His 11,600 KM walked has led to an endowment fund for research with over $10,000,000 in it

For more information on John, and Jesse's Journey, please visit their website.

2018 recipient

Robert "Bob" Jez

Robert  Jez:


Known as “Bob” to friends, family, colleagues, teammates, and opponents all over, Robert Jez swept 100% of the vote for the 2018 inductee to the London Dads Hall of Fame.  


After valiantly and gracefully battling colon cancer for many years, Bob’s fight came to an end on November 1st of this past year.  

Bob was a Londoner through and through, and journeyed from dominating the gridiron at perennial football powerhouse Catholic Central High School to donning the purple and white of his beloved University of Western Ontario Mustangs football team.

Winning respect, admiration, and love from all that he encountered for his unique blend of wit, sincerity, and kindness; Bob seamlessly transitioned from student athlete to teacher and coach at multiple London area catholic secondary schools.  

Bob met and fell in love with the love of his life Emily, and they settled down together as fellow teachers and began their family.  After three beautiful children together, Bob received the news of a devastating diagnosis, but did not skip a beat in being the person he was and living the life he wanted to leave.


Until his last days, Bob lived the same generous, kindhearted, and others first perspective that was intrinsic from birth. We are all better men for having met and known Bob, and we will all carry his memory and the foundations of his spirit with us for as long as we remain on this earth.

2017 recipient

Dr. Joseph Vladars

Dr. Joseph Vladars:

Reading the name of our inaugural entrant into the London Dads Hall of Fame likely made you either cringe, or grin and look up and utter a silent thank you.  The most polarizing well intentioned man in the world of fatherhood has been an absolute legend in the field of vasectomies since we were all getting down with Sears bra sale fliers.    


Since 1995, Dr. Vladars has performed over 10,000 vasectomies, and is currently knocking out over 1,000 a year.  His no scalpel no syringe fast and incredibly tolerable procedure has saved London dads millions of dollars in unspent diaper, formula, and daycare money for thousands of otherwise potentially unplanned children.  Dr. Vladars’ professionalism and spotless track record of success has led to plenty of worry-free trysts of a romantic nature for our members, and it went without saying that his contribution to effective family planning is appreciated by dads all over and needed to be permanently recognized by his inaugural entrance into our Hall of Fame for 2017.

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