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There is always something fun going on!

We welcome all registered members to join us at any of the events published on our calendar and meet our member dads and their kids to expand their social and support circles.


We are all very friendly and welcoming individuals! We play pickup sports together, work out together, learn how to style hair, attend cooking classes with our kids, hold BBQs, organize clothing, furniture and school supply drives, and even compete in a monthly 10 event competition of random skill called the Dadcathlon. We are are strong as the creativity and generosity of our members.

Dads Do Hockey

We get dads out to play ball hockey and ice hockey!  Tons of fun had by all!

Hockey Goalie
Golf Club and Ball

Dad's Do Golf

The first ever DCL golf tournament was a huge success. Over 100 golfers showed up to Westminster Trails GC to help close off our AED fundraising campaign with a bang! We were able to raise over $8000, to push our final AED total to $53,000.

Playaway Takeovers

Dad Club London often rents out Play Away Indoor Playground for weekend mornings, for our kids to receive a waffle/bacon/fruit/juice breakfast and two hours of free play with other children in the group.  They are also welcome to stay as long as they want once the facility opens to the general public.

Playing in a Tunnel

Dads Play Hoops

For $8 per week, dads can come out and play some casual 5 on 5 full court basketball.  New teams are made every week for a round robin tournament, and the money spent pays for both the basketball gym AND allows Dads and Kids Open Gym to be free for all, thus eliminating finances as a barrier to physical activity in the winter.

Dad Hair School

Four times a year, dads can learn the most popular hairstyles and accessories needed to create and maintain them from a licensed professional hairstylist.

Man Getting a Haircut
Beer and chips

Dad's Do Beers

Dads meet up at one of our city’s many local fine eateries to engage in conversation while sharing the communal practice of an appetizer and/or a beverage, with their own personal choice as to its presence or lack of alcohol content.  We strongly encourage and monitor responsible socializing.

Dads Do Parks

Under the concept of “Active Dads; Active Kids” we attempt to role model and celebrate the joy of engaging in active outdoor play with new and old friends. These meet ups happen all over the area at many of the hundreds of fine outdoor parks and playgrounds our area has to offer.

Kids at Playground
Forest Path


Dadventures is a guided tour of a kid-friendly local nature trail, conservation area, or other opportunity for climbing, running, jumping, and exploring. Prepare to get muddy!

Dad's Do Lunch

Dads meet up at new and different restaurants all over the area during their lunch hour as a respite from their daily grind, in order to share stories and meet new friends.

Meat Burger and Chips
Basketball Ring

Dads and Kids Open Gym

Dad Club London rents a local high school gym for free access and opportunities for sports and active games for dads and kids on Sunday mornings. Activities and sports will change weekly.

“Dads Do” Workshops

Member dads offer their professional expertise in a workshop format on topics such as financial planning, insurance, investing, real estate, and a number of other important topics.

Airsoft Promo Graphic

Dad's Do Airsoft

"A group of competitive and camo-rocking dads met for a brisk morning of competitive airsoft play. They bombarded each other with small plastic pellets while playing intense war games in a remote local field, and all emerged sweaty and successful in their attempt to recreate the war games of their youth.

Dads Do Parade

We put in a float for the Pride and Hyde Park Parade.

Pride Parade
other fabulous events
Dadcathlon Bowling Promo

Annual Dadcathlon

September - June offers a different contest every month where dads can compete for event prizes and points towards an overall huge prize pool and dadcathlon championship belt.  Events can include darts, pool, bowling, euchre, pop a shot, laser tag, and many other fun forms of competition. Prizes for podium finishes have included big screen tvs, iPads, PS4s, and high end headphones

London Brewing Co-op

Dads received the opportunity to visit popular local craft brewery London Brewing Co-Op. On this trip, they were given a fascinating tour by their brewmaster in which they learned the brewing and bottling processes for a variety of popular local brews, and were able to sample some of the best sellers.

Dad Club London Brewing Co-op

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