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patrick taylor


Patrick Taylor with his family

Hello fellow dads!

My name is Patrick and I was born and raised in London.

My Lovely wife, 2 kids, 5 birds, dog and I all live in a tiny zoo in the north east.
I’m a Carpenter, small business owner, automotive addict and so pumped to be a Dad!!

My own father instilled in me the notion of always helping others to the best of your ability. I’ve always enjoyed helping family friends and neighbours.  But what I was missing was a good way to give back to my community, both physically and financially.  In the past, I was always concerned my efforts could be misguided.

After hearing that an elementary school friend had started a club for dads I was keen to check it out! While I still enjoy my personal passions and hobbies, being a dad is the best thing ever, and owning a small business never left me much spare time. Dad club events and meetups let me focus my spare time to have the most amazing experiences and relationships with my wife and kids!!

As a family, the people we’ve met, the friends we’ve made, and the families we’ve helped since joining dad club truly make it the best organization I’ve ever been a part of. When determined, Dads get together extraordinary things happen!

Let’s keep pushing to make this the best life and community for our kids!!

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