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All dads love fun. All dads love competition. Every dad used to be the best football player/hockey player/weight lifter/Pokemon player/pog champion/runner ever, just ask them.

Bowling Lanes and Balls
Bowling - A Sport for Real Men

The time is here to finally put your skills and cash where your mouth is. Once a month for the next ten months, our members will be having a fun but competitive meet up set around an activity. Points will be tabulated. An overall champion will be crowned next summer.

Money will be saved along the way and awesome prizes will be up for grabs. The more people come out to an event, the more points you can get. Thus, you don’t need to make or be good at all the events.

Event one has arrived. Bowling, September 14, 8:30, Palasad South. To register for this event, you need to contribute $10 in advance.

All entrants will be added to an overall points tracking group and will know where they stand at all times.

Event two will be ping pong in October. Stay tuned!

Other fun events to come include poker, trivia, arcade games, ax throwing, and an outdoor Tournament Of Champions NBC all star Saturday morning style, where next summer dads will enjoy an outdoor BBQ and compete in skill contests of their youth. And hopefully keep their hamstrings intact.

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