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Over the last few months, we have been trying to get a petition out that collects the support behind the concept of dads sharing an equal role in parenting in 2016, and thus needing equal access to diaper change tables in public.

Dad Changing Diapers
A Fight for Change Table Equality

The petition started back around mother’s day, and got some okay support and a few appearances on local radio stations (thanks Fresh-FM and CJBK!), but didn’t capture the momentum we hoped in order to hit our target and take our request of local businesses public.

Then, Obama got awesome on people yet again.  He passed a law in the US that made it mandatory to offer change tables in both bathrooms, and our petition on caught a new life.

El Presidente Jeremy was contacted by an awesome journalist from MacLean’s Magazine, and that article can be found here:

The Fight For Diaper Changing Tables in Men's Washrooms

Should all men's washrooms in Canada have diaper-changing tables, or is there no place for the state in the nation’s public loos?

Once Erica’s story went viral, more media attention followed.  Jeremy and Brett Roberts both appeared on a number of radio stations across the province, and Dale Carruthers from the London Free Press picked up the story as well:

All of this attention is AWESOME, and helps to reinforce the message that Dads Change Diapers Too, and the role of a father is essential in the raising of a small child.

BUT, we still haven’t hit our target for our petition.  One of the downsides of slacktivisim in 2016 is, it’s easy to watch a video and easy to tap “like”, but to make a call to action on an external website from the thumb scrolling mecca of Facebook is a whole new can of worms.

If you are reading this and agree that dads should have access to a change table in the men’s room in a family friendly business if there is no family bathroom with one, PLEASE check out and sign our petition:

Once we receive 202 more signatures and reach our goal of 500, the petition becomes part of a package request that goes out to any family friendly business we frequent or are made aware of that does not have a change table in a family bathroom or men’s bathroom.  We need the signatures though before we can move forward in this process.

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