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Excuse the mess - no more!

We love to host family and friends! I enjoy getting caught up in the scheduling, meal planning and organizing. I look forward to evenings sitting around the table, eating and drinking, while the kids run around and enjoy our company.

And then I look around the house and a wave of panic sets in. Long intricate strings of superheroes and cars pop up from several corners of the house. Our dining room table has been covered in Lego for the last two weeks. Several half-played board games are strewn across the rug. No matter how many bins I get, books, crayons, markers, drawings and stickers find their way under tables and chairs. The “I’ll get to it later” piles of papers on my desk keep growing as quickly as the number of greasy fingerprints along the windows and walls. Crumbs from yesterday’s breakfast are begging me to grab a broom, and is that a hint of must I smell from the laundry pile?

Welcome to the mess that is our life. And you know what? I’m going to stop saying that all-too-common phrase that’s become part of our communal parenting lexicon: “Excuse the mess.” I’m taking a stand