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It’s a new social organization for dads in the London area.

“Everyone has heard of all the various mom organizations out there bringing moms together, supporting them in their motherhood, and I noticed there wasn’t anything there for dads,” says Jeremy McCall, the club’s co-founder and a new father.

Dad Club London Beginnings
Dad Club London wants to give local dads — new and not so new — a chance to bond.

A casual conversation sparked a great idea

Formed earlier this summer, the idea, McCall says, came up over “casual conversation.”

“When you have kids the idea is to plan ahead. We can plan ahead when our events are and we can work it into our normal schedule and try to make something happen, says Mark Burke, the club’s co-founder and a dad of three.

Creating a support system for london dads

With about 30 active members, the club is already planning to take its first steps. An early September meeting is planned for members to informally get to know each other. A fall calendar highlighting meetings and events is also in the works. The idea is to weave a network of dads and dads-to-be in the city that would function as a support system.

“We have dads-to be, current dads and people who one day aspire to be fathers and want to be around current fathers and get a feel what raising a child is like,” McCall says.

The group is hoping to meet twice a month to begin and host at least one kid-friendly event.

“A lot of us have younger kids, so it’s a little more challenging, but we’re going to try to do some Knights games, maybe some road trips out of town to some basketball games or other hockey games,” Burke says adding the group also wants to give back to the community by either hosting charity events or volunteering.

Burke says he expects more people to join the group.

“I think there will be a good response from London. London is always good for starting new things and I am assuming it will take off here.”

If you or someone you know would like to join, visit them at You can also find the group on social media — @DadClubLondon on Twitter and at

Twitter: @LondonerShobh

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