Updated: Dec 18, 2018

There comes a time in a man’s life when he looks himself in the mirror, and says “self. Can I go without sleep any longer? How much is university projected to be in 2035? Do I have stock in Kraft Dinner yet?”, and ends up making some pretty important decisions about their future.

Man and Doctor
Dr. V Receiving His Very Own Dad Club London T-Shirt!

Some people are breeders, and just meant to have kids. 19 kids and counting and sounding like a real-life recital of the alphabet Olympics. Others are realists and realize that like Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, Something’s Gotta Give.

Condoms were super important back when we found gym-tan-laundry to be an amusing concept and believed in the tightness of our t-shirts having a positive correlation to our appeal to the opposite sex, but nowadays there’s a certain level of “that’s a depressing sight” when you’re with the wife and look down with your Trojan in hand and see a few grey pubes.

Lo and behold, you can now ask for a referral to “get that taken care of.” There’s a guy in Strathroy who does it, and there is also the world (or at least locally famous) Dr. Joseph Vladars.

Here are the stories of two brave men who journeyed to a nondescript outpatient Dr.’s office and lived to tell the tale…


I’ve heard the horror stories: massive amounts of swelling, bleeding, and excruciating pain for weeks. Vasectomies seem to be this daunting process that some men seem to not want to talk about. Almost a “taboo” subject to discuss with a healthy side of embarrassment with some men.

But, is it really that bad?

Before: I was pretty open about getting done. Three kids in, two boys and one girl, I felt I had hit the jackpot with the family. I was ready for “The Snip” (of course, I did say that when we only had two boys, but then the next day, we found out we were pregnant. Oops – But that’s a whole other story). Day of the procedure, I left work, and headed over. I was to present Dr. Vladars with a Dad Club London t-shirt as our first ever lifetime achievement in fatherhood award winner! I mean, who can deny his contributions to the positive net benefit on local fatherhood relative spending power due to reduced extraneous daycare costs.