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A Letter From the President

Welcome Back!

Hey Everyone!

So sorry for the absence. A lot has changed over the last year. We’ve lost a few members, gained HUNDREDS more, and had some shuffles in our business and family lives.

My family personally welcomed our second child, Jenna, last April. Just when you think you have a good handle on things as the father of one child that is nearing two years old, the addition of the second really throws everything for a loop. After fourteen months of looking, we finally found and bought our forever home 13 days before the birth of our second child. We then spent the next four months renovating it, while re-inventing our family life with a toddler and a baby in a 1000 square foot 2 bedroom house.

A lot of lessons were learned along the way! We learned the value of patience, trust, and of keeping your sight on the bigger picture. When you’re dealing with the 21st straight night of being up every two hours and having nowhere else to turn because your house is so small and your child is so loud, you learn whole new levels of what “love” really means.

Last fall we moved into our finished and renovated home, which is three times the size of the last one. Adam Carolla once said that the key to a successful marriage and happy family is square footage. He wasn’t lying. We now have the space to actually entertain guests and play with our children!

I have a lot more to write in the coming days, but just wanted to give you guys the heads up that we are back. The website will be freshened up a whole ton, and we are always welcoming new contributors. Drop me a line via e-mail or Facebook if you have ideas or want to submit content.

Over the last year we have tried organizing events via Meetup (costs way too much, no one used it), Facebook (not everyone has it), email (not everyone opens them – we average 55% and CRUSH the industry opens rate), and will now be trying our website event calendar. I hope to have a few events a month posted on there in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Thanks for doing what you do! Through dedication to our children and each other, we WILL be the best dads we can be.

Til next time,


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