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Morning Gents!

Three BIG updates from your world famous Dad Club London director team:


#1 – We are expanding again, like a bad (but oh so good) TLC special!

We would like to take this opportunity to notify our members that the time has arrived to welcome two new members to our team.

Alex has joined our dad squad by way of St. Thomas, and brings to the table his expertise in graphic design and printing, as well as being the dad of a 12 year old girl who wants to do stuff with other dads and kids if he makes it a condition of not being grounded.  Look for new and cool stuff happening both in our branding, and in events for tweens and older kids.

Jon comes to our team via Woodstock (but soon to be London), and has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in the worlds of non profits, social policy development, and social change initiatives.  He has way more letters in his credentials than we can type in our caffeine needing fugue state of parenting preschoolers, and we are super pumped for him to come on board and continue to lead us to the promised land like a dad world Bill Bellichick (go Pats).


Thanks to our generous Patreon supporters, our generous purchasers of merchandise from Jumbo Video, and our good friend and member Tony Blay from Brokerlink, we are now a fully incorporated and registered not for profit with an insurance policy.

If you had told me at 12 that I would’ve been excited by this one day, I would’ve tried to pull your underwear over your ears and belched double jolt cola.  But we did it.

“What does this mean?” You scratch your head and ponder.

This means that we can now officially expand our programming by booking community facilities and offering free programming for dads and dads with kids.  Stay tuned for what’s coming next!

#3Dads Helping Dads is live!

For those who have been a part of our private Facebook group since Dad Club London went live in April of 2013, giving back and supporting each other in the journey of parenthood has been a central focus of our existence.Our member base is now strong enough and generous enough that we have officialized our ability to help out.

We all remember the sinking and lonely feeling of going without at some point in our childhood – whether it be your friends bragging about their newest gaming systems, wearing basketball shoes with your big toe poking out, or having to sit out the class field trip.

Worry no more, Dads Helping Dads is here.

You can view the items available for application for a once a month disbursement based on need.  You also can read more about what we are collecting and how to donate as a means of paying it forward and keeping the local dad karma alive and well.

We also want to take this opportunity to announce a new fund within the extremely small kiddie pool full of chocolate gold coins that is the Scrooge McDuck style Dad Club London bank account.

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