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My suitcase feels heavier each time I travel. It isn’t, as I always watch with a hollow gaze, as it’s weighed as I receive my boarding pass. It wasn’t always this way…

Husband and wife at Fenway
I’m honored to share my life with her, proud to shape young minds with her, and excited to spend my life with the most amazing mother I’ve ever known.

As I ride the shuttle bus to the airport, I slip away to inside the distractions of my earbuds. Sometimes it’s Sweet Caroline, other times, Shipping up to Boston. Almost always though, it takes me to the same place every single time; the height of my happiness.

This is the 15th time I’ve flown to Thunder Bay. It’s cold, desolate, and depressing. Outside the city is beautiful, but somehow I keep getting trapped inside a state of sadness. I’ve lost count along the way, but I’ve missed at least 7 birthdays, 2 anniversaries, 2 Father’s days, and this will now be 2 Mother’s Days. I’ve missed game winning goals, school plays, and moments when my son needed a hug.

There is one person who hasn’t missed a step though. My wife.