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Dads and dad fans!

Thanks for checking in for another quick update in the world of local dads.  A few resources to share, along with a few quick bits of information.

Bulldogs in Christmas costumes.
Christmas is for every member of the family.

Check out these great tips on how to combat screen addiction with our kids.

Our Santa Claus parade is just around the corner! November 12th, starting at Dundas and Egerton at 6 pm, and heading West from there. Santa Claus Parade

One of our dads is also recruiting fellow dad and old enough to volunteer kids to volunteer with the London Food Bank in collecting donations at the event – get in touch to be connected to him if interested.

We also have a few important Dad Club London events coming up.

  • We will be hitting up the family swim at White Oaks Community Pool on Saturday November 26, from 6-8 pm.  You can bring 2 adults and up to 4 kids for a total of $14. The pool is heated and there’s a lot of fun kids activities, including a huge slide.

  • We are also having our third Dad Club London hair school! Sunday November 27, from 3-5 pm.  A certified hairdresser will teach you the top 5 hairstyles for girls, and you will get snacks, drinks, a playdate for your kid(s), and a brush and some elastics and clips to take home as well.  Cost is $13.50 for the first kid, and $5 a head for additional ones.  E-mail transfer or PayPal to, and location will be released once the RSVP list is finalized.

  • A very DCL Christmas is coming!  On Saturday December 3rd, Santa Claus will be coming to an official Dad Club London Christmas Party  in Foxfield neighbourhood in North London.   A very generous member, Brad Egan of Baisle Aisling Exteriors, is sponsoring a Christmas party at his house featuring Christmas drinks, treats, music, and activities, along with a visit from Santa!  All parents will be emailed a high quality digital photo taken by Brandon of Brandon David Photography , and in exchange for a $10 pre-payment, their child will receive a custom and personalized gift from Santa Claus.  Subsidies, rides and/or bus tickets will be made available to dads in financial need when requested.  Some generous dads are paying extra upon signup so that other dads for whom cost might be an issue can attend.  Email for more details.  Once you pay or request a subsidy, you will receive the address to the party.  Please inform us as part of your payment your child’s first name, age, sex, and three things they like.  There are two parties, 10 am to noon, and 1 to 3 pm, to accommodate nap times and Saturday morning programs. Santa Claus appearance is being arranged by Santa At Your House – he knows Santa! 

  • Registration and pickup details have been announced for the annual Salvation Army Christmas Hamper program – please click here for more information

  • We are going to be hosting a Christmas sponsorship drive, where we are hoping to sponsor two families and provide them the Christmas they deserve but otherwise cannot afford.  The first family will come from Women’s Community House, where a woman and her children will be away from their abuser for the very first time over the holidays and unable to afford the Christmas they deserve.  The second will go out to a dad who is in demonstrated financial need this holiday season.  Donations can be submitted via e-transfer to or via the tilt link:   

  • Shopping and wrapping party, open to all contributors and their children, will be December 11 at 3 pm at White Oaks mall.

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