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It’s amazing how much things can change, and how quickly they can do so.

I remember like it was yesterday when weekends were the time to sleep in until 10, eat a bowl of Count Chocula, and watch Bobby’s World and NBA Inside Stuff.

Jeremy's Kids
Jeremy's Kids

Ten years later, they became sleep until noon, eat a plate of pizza pops, and watch anything sports related while T9-ing up some plans on my Motorola Razr flip phone with the crew.

Ten more years down the road, and I am now a father of two and Saturday mornings are up at 7 am with a chock full slate of activities and I couldn’t be happier.

Forest City Gymnastics Club runs a fantastic program for kids aged two to four through the City of London Spectrum program.  Jordan, my almost three year old, spends all week looking forward to her gymnastics class so that she can go and practice her somersaults and jumps and pull ups with her friends.  It truly is amazing to see how much difference 45 minutes a week of physical literacy training can make for a toddler.

A lot of cool stuff is in the works over the next two weeks.  If you click on the event calendar at the top of the page, you will notice that all official Dad Club events, along with events we discover in the community that our members might find interesting are all now being posted.  Members are no longer being punished for not having Facebook!

We will be handling invites and registration for private DCL events through Eventbrite. Please make sure you have filled out our membership registration form at the top of the page (it’s free!), and we will have your email and you will receive those invites.

We also are doing a lot of cool behind the scenes stuff that will open far more doors for our members and continue to grow our club in leaps and bounds.  We are over 900 members strong on our Facebook group, with about 60 more on our email list who do not have Facebook.  1000 is a very exciting number.

Things on the horizon include more event planning, perks and discounts for registered members, and an online store of DCL swag.

Write in the comments and let us know what you might be interested in doing with other dads and their kids this summer, and also any items you would buy from our store for a reasonable cost.

Exciting times are coming! We are very lucky to have added Derek and Tyler to our admin team, and are already benefiting from their energy and creativity.

Talk soon homies,


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