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Hey dads!

My apologies on the sporadic updates – SO MUCH behind the scenes stuff going on.

#1 – If you are a dad in business, or have a guy/company you use that you think other dads should be reaping the benefits from, please direct them to our business directory at the top of the site.  We are trying to create a comprehensive list of companies, businesses, and service providers with a strong dad and family influence as a part of aiming to support each other and local businesses in general.  Listing is 100% free!

#2 – Big moves behind the scenes.   As we speak, Andrew from White Shell Studios is totally redoing our website.  He is bringing it into 2016 with new levels of functionality and engagement.  This should be done over the next week or so, but we have seen previews and it is AWESOME.

Things to come include a private members-only forum, an interactive dad map of other dads and kids in your neighbourhood with similar interests, a buy and sell, an online store for dad merchandise, and much more.

#3 – Plans!

We are hosting a Dad beers night with free bowling next Wednesday courtesy of our friends at Palasad, and we are also having a Sunday family BBQ in a few weekends.  These all are found on our event calendar.  You have to be a member to get the official eventbrite for the BBQ so ensure to sign up via our membership application form at the top of the site, because information will be going out via email to members only.

We also are working on a bus rental for a Blue Jays game September 10th at Rogers Centre vs the Boston Red Sox.  Once again, you have to be a member and on our email list to participate

#4 – Park days!

We are currently hosting park meet ups for Stay at Home dads/shift worker dads who are home during the day.  They are on odd numbered Tuesdays and the invites come through our Facebook group and will go out to our email list as well.  The blog post photo is from our last park meet up this past Tuesday.

Please check out this awesome link for local May 24 long weekend family events in our great city.  Our friend Kelly at City Mom does an awesome job of keeping local parents informed:

Until next time,


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