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People often ask me why I joined of Dad Club London. As with most things held dear to the heart, it is near impossible to pin down a singular reason, but the collective altruistic nature of this club is what stands in the forefront of my admiration.

Bottles of water
On June 12 2017, the Salvation Army released a tweet which read: “The Centre of Hope is a cooling station at 281 Wellington Street and open 24/7. We are in need of bottled water donations!”

“Human nature is like water. It takes the shape of its container” – Wallace Stevens

Since becoming a member of DCL, I have witnessed endless amounts of compassion, whether it be towards our fellow members, or to those in need within our community.

Personally I have gained a much better view on what compassion really means and have become a product of this environment. With an absolute degree of certainty I can attest to the fact that others within our club have had this same experience.