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So here I am, about to become a father for the first time and my wife and I are accumulating all the necessary and unnecessary things (nesting?) to get ready for the arrival of this life changing being. One of the biggest and most essential purchases is the car seat. My wife already chosen one (as she was much further ahead in the planning stages) so I just went with it. It had the fewest recalls, highest rating, and rave reviews from friends and folks on the internet. It was a great seat and served its purpose well.

2 car seats
Choosing the right car seat is vital to your baby's safety

Jack, our son, was fast approaching the point of being too big for the bucket and then came the task to find a stage 2 seat. This is where things get interesting. There are so many brands (Graco, Peg Perego, Britax, Clek, Safety 1st, etc.) and then drill down to various models and price points. Forward facing, backward facing. It’s like buying a car! Again, we relied on reviews, advice from friends and the staff at the store to make our decision. We were the proud new owners of our stage 2 car seat. By the way, the first time installing is always fun! Luckily I won the fight.

Here are a few things to consider when looking for car seats.

1. All car seats sold in Canada meet the safety standards. 2. It doesn’t matter what you buy or how much you spend, the number one flaw with car seats is improper installation. 3. I’m seeing a lot of used car seats up for sale online. Car seats have expiry dates and they recommend replacing them after any type of accident. Be extremely careful when you go this route. There are many affordable car seats available new. 4. If you’re getting rid of one, some manufacturers have a recycling program, if not they can be tossed but make sure you cut the belts so that no one else uses it. London Car Seat Safety may take it as well for training their folks.

I enlisted the help of the wonderful folks at London Car Seat Safety for help with installation. If you have any questions, the ladies there are extremely helpful and run car seat clinics throughout the year. They are a great resource and I have used them on many occasions. Check them out on Facebook or

Now I must go off in search of our next stage 3 seat. Wish me luck!

Derek, DCL Treasurer

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