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A few weeks have gone by since my first blog about our little Jacky Boy, and a lot has happened in that time. We’d first like to thank everyone of our friends for their kind words and encouragement through all of this. It truly means a lot to us to know that we have so many great friends behind us. THANK YOU!!

Epilepsy Awareness

One of the biggest wake up calls happened a few weeks back. Along with my sister, Kim, I took Jackson and Lilah to St.Thomas for the Railway City Art Crawl. Basically, you walk all through the downtown area stopping into local businesses and checking out local artists. It was a ton of fun for everyone but also gave Aunt Kim a first hand look at what Absence Seizures are all about. Because this was all so new to us, we hadn’t even told her about it yet. Sure enough, before we could even get out the door, Jack had his first seizure of the afternoon while putting his shoes on. I’ll never forget the puzzled look on her face while Jackson stared off into space. Then he wakes back up – “Where’d ya go buddy?” she says. I tell her I have lots to fill her in on. For the rest of that afternoon (about 3 hours), Jackson had another 8 or more that we saw. The scariest of which happened in the middle of the street while we were walking down the sidewalk. We were a few step