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Giving back to the community is something I’m passionate about! And for those that know me well, I am quite passionate to spread awareness and support for Kids Help Phone.

So, why Kids Help Phone?

Kids Help Phone
No young person can achieve well-being alone

I remember when I was 8 years old and my dad left my family. My mother, who spoke very little English, was left alone to raise four children. Being the oldest kid, my mom naturally leaned on me for support. My life was turned upside down and I remember feeling overwhelmed at such a young age. I remember seeing a poster with the Kids Help Phone number on it and I got to a point where I went to a payphone and called.

I asked questions like How do I take the bus to the bank? How do I pay the hydro bill? What can I do to make my mom happy? The person on the other end of the line was always friendly and supportive. They helped me find bus routes, explained how to could pay for bills at the bank, and they offered many suggestions on how to keep my mom happy. Kids Help Phone became a regular support for me all the way into my high school years.

Knowing first hand how much they can help, I didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity to be a student ambassador for the Kids Help Phone in high school. I traveled to elementary schools and did presentations. I set up booths to get the word out and the opportunity to help other kids in need meant the world to me.


Today, and for the last 10 years, I’ve been a part of the Walk So Kids Can Talk fundraising committee here in London. The walk is a major fundraiser for the Kids Help Phone. This year’s London event is on May 6 at Thames park (See link below).

The number of Dad Club members who are going to be there is amazing: Steve and his son from Family Karate are doing the warm-up; Adam and his son will be spinning the tunes on stage; and Patrick and his team at Quality Carpentry are a sponsor! I would love to see more faces from DCL out there! It’s a family fun morning with tons to do! If you like to join our super team check out the link below or reach out to me!  Let’s continue to make this crazy world a little better, one dad community event at a time! We got this gents!

Have a beaut of a day!

Super Sav Neth, DCL Director of Friendship

To join or donate to the team who will participate in Walk So Kids Can Talk, please check out Super Sav Squad Team Page

Super Sav Squad 2017

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