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What a ride it has been for the Dad Club London.

If you’re connected with Twitter or Facebook at all, it’s probably not a surprise that our neighbours to the south of us have dad groups in what seems to be in every city. One day I sent a Tweet out saying I wish there was something like this here in London, thanks to a complete stranger, was pointed in this direction.

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Do you need help with something in your life? Just ask one of us and we will gladly support you with our many connections throughout the city!

What started as an idea with Jeremy McCall and a couple others a few years back developed into a Facebook group, now a full blown website, dads meeting up for brews and wings, the group’s stay at home dads meeting up on a regular basis during the week with kids to the parks, and so much more on the horizon.

I am so happy to be a part of this group, it really has made staying at home full time with my children that much better, and we have Jeremy McCall and his co-founder to thank for it.