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Day Three – Good Friday

No wake ups last night, I actually feel rested this morning. I’m going to need it. The past 2 days haven’t been that tough as Rosie has been in school. Today is the start of 4 days in a row, 96 hours of make it or break it with both of them, 24 straight. This is the true test I was waiting for. Remember this is new to me, for some of you, you live and breathe it every day – all days. But not me.

Dad with daughter

7:06am Harvey wakes up – i start attempting a plan for the day. They both play well together but are also equally independent in nature as well. They can be having the best time interacting with each other, then with a quick flip of the switch they turn into Spike from Gremlins.

I think it’s finally sinking in that mommy isn’t here and won’t be for a while. It’s sad. I feel for them. I miss her too. Time to be super fun Dad to help distract them. Probably will have to start googling things to help keep us all engaged and happy.

9am-12:14pm At least the sun is shining, I think that will help. Breakfast was a success, and all 3 of us pooped within a 5 minute window before 9:15am … that has to be a sign or something. We hit Arthur Ford Park – it’s one of our favourites and seems unknown to most. Has a decent set for the age range, a forest area and a whole bunch of running room.

Have to be home by 11am to FaceTime Averil in Vancouver. The kids are excit