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Day Four – Saturday

Over the halfway mark. I am so grateful for this time with these rugrats. They have tested me and I have adapted. I’m a work in progress.

Dad with daughter

2:13am-3:30am Harvey wakes up, get him back down after 15 minutes. Wakes up 20 minutes later, his diaper leaked – soaked through and through. Change his bedding, his pajamas and get him back down after a bit. Shocked his crying didn’t wake Rosie. Sometimes it does. But not always.

7:26am-10:15am We all wake up within a few minutes of each other. Both kids are in a great moods, probably cause grandma and papa are on their way to hang out. I’m glad they will be here, for my kids and myself. As in-laws go, I couldn’t have asked for better.

Harvey asks for toast with honey, Rosie asks Raisin Bran. You think it would be that simple. Rosie wants no raisins in her cereal. So, I picked them out. Now she wants only 3 in there. Too late. I already ate them. So back in the box I go. She’s good now, not so much for Harvey. Now he wants cereal too, he asks for Cheerios. So I take away his toast, make his cereal, put it in front of him, he doesn’t want milk. Rosie looks at me and says “Mommy usually asks him if he wants milk.” Lots to learn still.

I start the laundry. It’s raining, can’t go outside. Sharon, Lois and Bram dance party it is.

10:33am-noon Grandma + Papa arrive. The kids go wild! Feel like I’m watching a feeding frenzy from a shark cage. It’s insane how much these 2 love her. They are so happy. The house is filled with laughter… it’s perfect. Kids ask for tuna melts for lunch, I obliged. I make a pretty good tuna melt. It’s all about the dill.

I put Harvey down just after noon – I come out, Rosie and the grandparents are gone. No idea where. Their car is gone. Her cell phone is on the couch. But the car seats are still in our car. Both strollers are here… if they took her without a car seat, you may see me on the front page of the LFP tomorrow.

I fold the laundry more careful then I ever had, focusing my brain on the folds instead of thinking about what’s happening. They wouldn’t… would they?

Noon-2:04pm Just sitting here stewing… put on Shameless, all the kids at work are talking about it. It’s interesting.

2:05pm-2:15pm Papa comes home in their car after running errands and hitting the bank – grandma and Rosie went for a walk to the park with a dolly stroller she could push there. I can breath now. They come home just after Papa does, absolutely filthy but super smiles all around. It’s worth it. And exactly what the she needed – grandma at her finest.

2:36pm-5pm We suit up and hit White Oaks Mall, I need a spring/rain jacket for when I bike to work, Rosie is in love with a store called The Shiny Company (kinda like green earth or tribal trade) and she wants to buy a “Welcome Home” card for mom, then I promised Harvey some Frozen yogurt. I’m sure it’s gonna be ridiculous in there.

And it was – but we accomplished all that we set out to. Got a sweet jacket on sale at the Mountain Warehouse, some sort of marble rabbit that is her spirit animal that called to her (according to the lady smelling like Patchouli told me from behind the counter), got a card with flowers and butterflies – cause it had to have both and some frozen yogurt… wish I had a blizzard instead. Frozen yogurt is nothing compared to it.

5:15pm-7:06pm Saved “cheesy eggs” for tonight’s supper, left over pasta for me – thought it was a good move coming back from the mall. It was. Kids are spent. So am I. They crush dinner in record time. So we play in the back yard. It’s perfect out. Harvey falls in the swamp that is the back half of our yard instantly – I let it ride – it’s almost pajama time. They play great together – Rosie rakes up the last pile of leaves I left from the fall – that’s a win. Cross it off my honey-to-do list.

My sister-in-law shows up at 6:30pm from Strath, they’re going to a Lightening game. But she comes bearing gifts. The best gift of all. She was in Windsor yesterday at the indoor water park, which is near where I worked when I lived there. She brought me Bubi’s sauce. Glorious Bubi’s sauce. A half litre of it. If you haven’t heard of it – look it up. Bubi’s Awesome Eats… do your self a favour.

Kids down surprising easily by 7:40pm  – they are wiped.

8:20pm Harvey wakes up. Calling for mommy. He misses her the most I think. I calm him down as best I could – and extra long snuggle – way longer then usual and probably needed. But I can’t help myself. He needs to feel comfort. Curious how this night will play out.

8:45pm-11:22pm Man it’s quiet without Averil here. Tuesday can’t come soon enough. I decided to finish of the last movie of the Hunger Games Saga – as good as expected to be. Never read the books, but would have been cooler if she took over in the end.

Went outside at 10:30pm to take the garbage out, in the center of the backyard I saw him, he really does exist. Although a bit early. There was a brown rabbit just staring at me, while eating my grass. The Easter Bunny!

I watch him for a bit smiling – thinking how my kids would have reacted seeing him there. They would have gone mental and had the look that only a child can have of pure innocence and wonderment as they watch him gracefully eating. Then Harvey would have to sit on him. He does it to our cats.

Back inside I hide plastic eggs full of sugar throughout the house and set their baskets and Easter presents up. I pray the cats don’t eat them. They probably will. But I get up before Rosie, I’m sure I can fix anything that needs fixing. Hopefully.

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