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Day 6 – Monday One more sleep until Averil is home!

Man holding daughter.

12:04am Rosie wakes another bad dream, curious what she dreams about. Hope it’s not me being inpatient with her. Maybe it’s spiders. She hates spiders.

1:30am Harvey wakes crying and yelling my name. It scares the shit out of me… almost literally. The issue? Couldn’t find his blanket. You guessed it, he was laying on it. It only takes 5 minutes to get him back asleep. And about a half hour before my heart rate returned to normal.

2:47am Rosie needs help going to the bathroom. Forgot to leave the night light on. Rookie mistake.

6:15am Harvey wakes. Way too early. It takes me 10 minutes to get him back asleep. What a night. I’m tired. I take a Tylenol, preemptively, I feel a headache coming on.

7:26am-10:39am Rosie comes in my room and wakes me up. She says there’s a 7 on her clock as the first number, so she is allowed to get up. That’s true. It’s one of our rules. As I’m getting up, she sneaks into Harvey’s room and wakes him up. I’m okay with that.

He is soaked again. Everything. Everywhere. I strip his bed and change him. Laundry started. We are in the kitchen. Cause I need coffee. He starts crying so much that he is hyperventilating. I think it’s because I had to wash his blanket. It was drenched… turns out he wanted his Easter jelly beans that I left on the counter in plain sight. Rookie mistake #2.

We are going to hit the Loblaws by our house and pick up some groceries and flowers for mommy. For her welcome back party. The kids love taking the bus. I forget that I spent my change the other day, on you guessed it, more coffee. So I raid Rosie’s mall purse and find bus fare. Rookie mistake #3. Don’t worry, did a $3 cash back and slid it back in her purse.

They are great while shopping, Rosie walks the whole time because apparently 112$ worth of groceries doesn’t fit in the bottom of the stroller. I had to use her seat in the double stroller. She talks me into hot dogs and French fries for supper. I also get onion rings… why not?

Bump into a DCL member, Peter. Have a nice chat – it’s good to talk to an adult. Baby #2 is on the way for him any day. I remember those emotions. Waiting. Hoping, for the phone to ring.

10:45am-noon Feed the kids a snack – 15 minutes later I realize I should probably put away the groceries. Especially the milk, cream and Mini-Gos. Rookie mistake #4. Time to fold the laundry.

Feed the kids lunch. Tuna crackers for Harvey. Bagel with hummus for Rosie. Coffee for me.

Rosie’s best friend Morgan wants to visit. They are adorable together. Which is awesome, her mom Jill and I are good friends – we all worked together over 14 years ago at Rockwater Brew & BBQ. A bunch of us are still close. Most have kids now. We used to joke that it would hilarious if our kids hated each other. But for the most part they don’t. They are going to Menchies then coming for a visit after Harvey wakes up.

Speaking of Harvey. Remember how I folded his laundry? I put him down for his nap. He is tired and out like a light. As I lay him down snoring, I notice something. Forgot to make his bed. Shit! Rookie mistake #5. What do I do?. I hear my wife in my head say wake him up, make the bed. But he had such a crappy night and is solidly asleep. I leave him. Rolling with it. Fingers crossed this doesn’t blow the nap. It will probably bite me in the ass.

The little bugger sleeps 2 hours and 11 minutes.

I can’t believe all the mistakes I’m making today. Just shows what lack of sleep does. And not having support here weighs on a person.

It’s nice out – will hit the park later.

Noon -2:13pm Finish off laundry. Almost doze off.

2:14pm-4pm Harvey wakes. Rosie returns with Jill and Morgan. She is a grump. It’s hard for me to understand why, but I think it’s because she doesn’t want Morgan to go. She won’t say. Maybe she is tired of me. Maybe she just needs her mom.

We play for a bit in the backyard then gather our things and head to the park. Harvey is feeding off of Rosie’s attitude. It takes all my will power to not loose it at the park. There are other people here. Witnesses. I stomach all I can for as long as I can, and pack up early. Rosie needs a break in her room. Daddy needs a beer… later.

4:32pm-6pm Supper is a success. Harvey struggled a bit. But we made it through. I give them both an extra long snuggle. It’s more for me than anything, I feel guilty about not being as strong as other days this week.  It’s my job as their Dad, to make sure they feel loved everyday, not the other way around, not to continually raise my voice. I need to stop saying “no” to them, need to reword things and reward positive behavior. I don’t expect them to always be happy with me, but I hope they understand eventually, that I will do anything in this world to ensure their safety, protection and happiness.

6:15pm-7:42pm Double bath. Story time was disastrous. Harvey was bouncing off the walls. Put him to bed first. He is fighting me tooth and nail again. Put him down. Do a couple more stories with Rosie and say good night. I can hear him kicking the crib – I tell him to stop and he lays into me screaming to the point that he gets the hiccups. The dreaded hiccups. I calm him back down, go back in and give Rosie one more quick kiss.

7:45pm-what feels like infinity I’m on the couch and it’s only 7:40pm after the roughest day I have had this week, I assumed it would be longer. Thump. Bump. Biff. Bash. He is at it again, kicking and rattling his crib. Is it a full moon soon? I don’t believe I have Lycanthropes in my family heritage. Maybe I do.

Rosie comes out of her room to tell me Harvey is kicking his crib. Like I can’t hear it. I thank her. He isn’t screaming or calling out at all so I’m letting it go to see if he tires out. He didn’t. Got way worse. Way worse. Had to back in.

8:35pm-10:36pm Fingers crossed – I think he is asleep. Yep. No peeps from anyone except the cats. I crack my last tall boy of Labatt 50 and watch Independence Day 2. It’s not bad. Gonna roll the dice and watch Star Trek Beyond and see where this night goes.

My last solo night. Thank the heavens.

10:43pm-midnight Rosie is dreaming. I really wish I knew what she sees. Sounds like I will be in there soon.

Tomorrow is another day.

The last day.

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