Day 7: Tuesday - Averil's Coming Home!

Father and Daughter

1:16am Rosie wakes with another bad dream. Trip to bathroom, sip of water and back to bed no issue.

5:56am-6:36am Harvey try’s to get up. Hilarious. Get him down – back to bed I go. He’s quiet for 15, then back at it. I go in again, we have a conversation about being up too early. He goes back asleep. I’m up however. Coffee. Now.

Just under 10 hours until I see the love of my life and the kids see the most important person in theirs.

6:47am-8:38am He officially starts his day. Rosie is stirring, but she can’t get up yet. That glorious rule. It’s a school day! Which means I can probably nap when he does. I am tired.

Harvey’s nose is running. It’s clear. Hope he is not getting sick but at least it happened on my last day alone with them.

They eat plain Cheerios with honey on top. Should have saved a step and just bought Honey Nut Cheerios. Rosie needs to wear a dress to school to celebrate mommy coming home today. I try to convince just to change after school as she won’t be home till supper time. But I can see it will break her vibe. So the Cinderella dress is fine by me! I let her pick Harvey’s outfit for the day, it’s hilarious. Pajama bottoms, flannel shirt and a bow tie. I didn’t even know we owned a bow tie. I will change him after she goes to school.

Lunch packed. I’m ahead of schedule. Amazing how things come in line when the kids are happy in the morning. I have time to shower. It feels wonderful!

Couldn’t find balloons in the house. I know we have some. Off to the dollar store we go. Bus ride after school. Rosie says we HAVE to have balloons. Who am I to disappoint?

9am-11:21am Harvey is loving life today. Dropped off Rosie and school, hop on the bus and start our day. We hit PetSmart where he goes bananas for a gerbil thing running in a wheel and some silver tip sharks, maybe it was a fat mouse? Pick up cat food. Hit Dollarama, get some balloons and batteries for his Thomas cell phone that only plays 3 seconds of a song on repeat non stop and our Apple TV remote that only works when it wants too. Drives us insane. Hit Home Depot to see about a gazebo cover. Didn’t like anything. Hit the Loblaws to buy quiche and diaper genie refills. The latter really important. Forgot to bring a snack, so I buy some baby organic cereal bars and give him one. Worker stops me and says it’s frowned upon, because some people steal that way. Shit. He’s on to me. Like my 2 year old kid is going to crush 8 of these things in the 13 seconds I have to walk to the cashier while I eat the packaging to conceal it.

Feed him lunch. I’m still on a roll today. Polar opposites from yesterday and I had the same amount of sleep. Weird. Maybe it’s because it’s way easier dealing with only one kid at a time. I do miss Rosie though. Even though these guys push my buttons and test me everyday, they are the reason I breathe.