Dad Club London just wrapped up our DCL Weight Loss Challenge #5, and it was a massive success, but made me reflect on my own personal struggles I’ve been fighting for years.

Apples sand measuring tape
“Born sinner, the opposite of a winner Remember when I used to eat sardines for dinner.” – Notorious BIG

I HATE excuses

I try to pride myself, of all the things that make up my character, on my strong desire to won my actions, or at least be held accountable for what I do. From raising my son as a single father, going back to school at my age, to even representing this club the best way possible, I pride myself on my determination to be an example for others. The one thing I’m embarrassed about though is my lack of personal fitness, my avoidance of necessary change, and my relentless desire to make excuses for it.

Man in front of Red Sox sign at Fenway

I remember eating sardines for dinner. As well as Kraft dinner, Spam, bags of chips, ice cream, and basically everything else lacking nutritional value. I’ve spent many a breath suggesting it was due to my upbringing, or my financial situation as a young adult, to even that it takes too long to cook a healthy meal. I can’t fathom how many times I’ve caught myself eating, just to eat, and told myself “tomorrow is the day I’ll care”.

About 6 months ago my knees started to hurt to the point I could barely get through a day of work. Chronic pain with no end in sight, and I was too stubborn to face the fact: I needed to lose weight. When I was recently in Boston this May, I was rubbing lotion on my knees to numb the pain after a day of walking around town.

I couldn’t do much anymore. Even playing road hockey with my sons was becoming impossible. I weighed myself the day I came home from Boston and tipped the scales at 302 lbs.

So, when the DCL Weight Loss challenge came up, I knew this was the jump start I needed. I was ridiculously excited to finally get my ass in gear.