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Hey dads! Check out the below email if you’re interested in helping further the academia behind being a father.

Little Girl and Baby

Hello, London dads!

I’m writing to you as a sociologist (now a professor emerita of sociology at the University of Calgary), with a long history of research on family issues. (My most recent book was actually about fathers as engaged and competent caregivers.) I’m now working on a new research project about parents and children in Canada.

In a nutshell, I’m investigating the expectations directed at today’s parents, raising children in many different circumstances, and the way those expectations shape life both for parents, and for kids.

An important part of the research involves talking to parents across the country, in diverse family settings, about their experiences of raising kids.  But so far, the number of mothers who have participated is much greater than the number of fathers!  I’m very anxious to hear from more dads, and wondered if Dad Club London would be interested in helping.

Best wishes,

Gillian Ranson

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