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Surrogacy in Canada can be a difficult ship to navigate. There is a lot of information out there and sometimes sorting through it can be the biggest challenge. To start you off, here is an 6 part series that ran in the Calgary Herald in 2013.

Gay Couple with Children
Surrogacy can be a great option but it is not without its challenges.

Source article: Pride and Joy

Part 1: One family’s story

It’s a long road for Canadian gay and lesbian couples hoping to start a family

Part 2: What makes a parent?

When it comes to surrogacy and donors, that depends on where you live – featuring Dad Club London Director, Frank Emanuelle.

Part 3: The rare Canadian sperm donor

A shortage of Canadian sperm donors means lesbian couples must seek alternatives.

Part 4: Womb for hire

Cancun clinic attracts gay couples from around the world looking to hire a surrogate.

Part 5: A new type of pregnancy

Transgender pregnancy is the last frontier in assisted reproduction technology.

Part 6: The new family tree

Two moms, two dads, or donor “uncles.” How are the children coping?

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