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So, you have one kid. They’re probably anywhere between a year and three or four years old now, and you think you have this parenting thing mastered.

2 Times the Fun!

They eat well, they sleep well, their eyes light up when they see you for the first time in a few seconds, minutes, or hours. You say to yourself “I’ve got this. Being a dad is easy. I want to do this all over again, because I love my partner/want my child to have a playmate/making babies is fun.”

You’re not wrong. As a dad who is expecting his third child in January and simultaneously contemplating how to make way more money so I can afford everything x3, I am as excited as I possibly could be despite wondering how many hairs I have left to turn grey at the ripe old age of almost 33.

Do yourself a favour as part of your planning process, along with making a Best of Boyz II Men and All 4 One play list on Spotify and stretching out your back. Read this article. It nailed all the considerations.

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