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I love the summer! The long sunny days, the smell of freshly cut grass, and the delicious BBQ dinners fill my soul. And since having kids, summers have become more memorable (and exhausting) than ever. Here are my top 10 things that I love to do each summer with my kids!

Child eating watermelon
Summertime fun with the kids

10. Gardening – While gardening and weeding do take at least 5 times longer with kids, I enjoy the time together exploring the dirt, talking about worms, and watching the fruits of our labour grow throughout the summer. Family favourites are cherry tomatoes, basil, and mint!

9. Sprinklers – the pure and uncensored joy of kids running through sprinklers on a hot summer day is impossible not to enjoy! A close second are water balloon fights.

8. Hikes and walks – Walks or bike rides through the neighbourhood or the woods are the perfect after-dinner activity that we love. We look for animals, new plants, flowers, and our neighbours!

7. Summer movies – when the heat it too intense or we just need some relief from the sun, we seek refuge in the basement with a favourite movie with more popcorn than we could possibly eat.

6. Ice cream, watermelon, and freezies! Summer treats and snacks that drip down your chin taste so much better when the heat is on.

5. Summer Festivals – Festivals fill the summer weekends in London. Everyone finds something they enjoy from kid-zones, vendors, food trucks, and live music. Some of our favourites are Rib Fest, Sun Fest, A Day Out with Thomas, and the Pride Parade.

4. The Beach – A trip to Grand Bend or Port Stanley is a must for us. A day of sand, sun, and a refreshing dip in the lake are exactly what summer is all about.

3. BBQs – We often host family and friends for an exercise in seasonal gluttony! Cold drinks, grilled meats and veggies are what makes summer meals quick and oh-so-tasty!

2. Water parks and splash pads – summer just isn’t summer without a trip to East Park or touring the many splash-pads throughout the city.

1. Theme parks – Our love of thrill rides is thankfully being passed on to our boys. We love roller coasters, bumper cars, and Ferris wheels! Our oldest seems to enter a new height restriction category each year and we relish sharing new ride experiences together.

As appeared in the August 2018 issue of Mom & Caregiver Magazine

Frank Emanuele DCL Director

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